Things To Do On a Rainy Day

According to the weather forecast Sydney and all the surrounding areas are  going to collect their fair share of rainfall these days. Meteorologists claim it will be the highest rainfall totals in the past few months. Well, we can say that it is not so bad to have some rain to douse the fires and help bring everything to life again. One question arises though: “What to do on a rainy day at home?”

We have some interesting ideas for you.

1. Start a new indoor hobby, or learn a new craft. For me nothing can beat knitting while listening to audio books as it is raining outside. It is so calming! According to psychological research crafting with your hands not only helps time pass, but it benefits your emotional well-being.


Have you heard the expression: “Idle hands – idle mind“? It is true!When you craft your hands are busy, your mind is free to wander, your creativity is unleashed. You are able to express yourself and create something useful. This surely feels good. Some craft ideas:

– Decoupage; Instructions on how to do this here:

– Knitting; Some knitting basics by an Aussie housewife.

– Painting;

– Repurpousing old items;

– Fixing things at home. Here you can find benefits of crafting and fixing things.

2. Exercise. I know the best work-out sessions happen when you are outside, but surely you can do some exercises that will get your blood moving. If you are not a fan try learning a new dance move. Can you swing?

3. Clean. Now is the time when you can actually put some order in your house, de-clutter and clean all those corners you often skip and pretend  all the spider webs there don’t exist. Obviously you should avoid cleaning the windows. We can help with that once the rain is over. Just saying!

Actually, here is a fact for you: clutter creates stress and increases your blood pressure, but more on that in a later post.

4. Have some time for yourself. Treat yourself with a hot bubble bath, feet massage, new manicure or a nice hairstyle. Even on a rainy day when people tend to feel miserable, there are ways to look and feel great!

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